How to Keep Your Hair Straight Overnight - 6 Tips Revealed

Say goodbye to messy hair and start your day on the right foot - here’s how to sleep with straight hair.

Keeping your hair straight overnight can be a nightmare. However, it’s not impossible. We have a few tricks up our sleeve, from applying a little hair oil to reconsidering your choice of bedsheets.

This blog post will provide you with six tips on how to keep your hair straight overnight, saving you precious time in the morning and allowing you to power through your day with confidence, knowing you look and feel your best.

So, let’s untangle the tips and get right to it.

How to sleep with straight hair 

Straightening your hair before bed is a great first step. It’s much easier to fix the odd curl than it is to re-straighten your hair in the morning. Ugh.

Anyways, to keep your hair straight while you sleep, you should:

  • Straighten your hair before bed 
  • Use a lower heat setting when straightening your hair 
  • Switch up your pillowcases and bedding 
  • Consider using dry shampoo between washes
  • Apply a little hair oil to keep your hair straight overnight
  • Do your best to avoid humidity 
  • Don’t overdo it!
  • 1. Straighten your hair before bed

    To keep your hair straight overnight, you should straighten your hair before bed.

    And while you may think this may lead to frizz and the ultimate “bed head” come morning, it actually does quite the opposite. Straightening before bed allows the style to set in, compared to straightening your hair in the morning and later experiencing a frizzy outbreak midday.

    And let’s face it, you don’t want a frizzy outbreak…

    Top tip: make sure your hair is dry before straightening - this makes it easier to straighten and prevents damage to your hair.

    2. Use a lower heat setting when straightening your hair 

    High heat settings do not make your hair straighter. In fact, higher temperatures zap moisture from your hair, which may make your hair more frizzy. And not to mention, may even damage your hair.

    Typically, these higher heat settings are for those with thicker hair. So, instead, use a low-medium to high heat for the best results. Also, never forget to use a thermal protectant product when heat styling your hair. Our Charlie Miller Smoothing Blow Dry Crème protects your hair up to 230 degrees celsius, whilst keeping it feeling smooth and nourished. A win, win! 

    3. Switch up your pillowcases and bedding   

    If you currently sleep on cotton pillowcases, then it’s time to switch them up. Cotton and other fabrics may cause additional friction, contributing to that wild and frizzy look when you wake up.

    Instead, switch to a silk or satin fabric, keeping your hair straight and styled for longer.

    4. Consider using dry shampoo between washes

    Between washes, you can also experiment with dry shampoo.

    Dry shampoo is great for absorbing oils and adding volume to straightened hair. However, a proper hair care routine is essential for lasting results that not only keep your hair straight overnight but all day, too.

    5. Apply a little hair oil to keep your hair straight overnight

    We recommend applying a little hair oil, such as the Charlie Miller Gloss Oil, if you have particularly dry hair. 

    Not only will a little oil go a long way in preventing your hair from drying out and frizzing up, but it will also replenish damaged hair and increase shine for the best results.

    6. Do your best to avoid humidity

    While it may not be possible, we’d suggest avoiding humid conditions if you can. 

    Humidity is known for causing frizzy hair - even for those who don’t usually have it. Luckily, there’s a few ways you can prevent an outbreak.

    For example, you can use an umbrella when it rains, and you can sleep with a fan on to reduce the amount you perspire during your sleep.  

    7. Don’t overdo it!

    As tempting as it may be, you mustn’t overdo it! While we’re not talking about straightening your hair until it burns off… although we wouldn’t advise that either, we are talking about giving your hair a day or two off.

    Straightening your hair too often provides little time for it to recover and remain healthy. And while there are products out there designed to nourish and protect your hair, such as the Charlie Miller 10 in 1 spray, a day off every now and then will do a world of good.

    Keeping your hair straight overnight - a quick summary 

    This blog post has provided you with six actionable tips that you can implement right away, helping you sleep with straight hair and wake with less frustration and the will to conquer the day.

    From applying a little oil to switching out your bedsheets and using dry shampoo between washes, you can keep your hair looking its best all week.

    Be sure to take a day off every now and then from straightening and styling for lasting and healthy results. Your hair will thank you!

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