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Our products are tried and tested by our team of incredible hairdressers so who better to ask what products they love to use and why than our own stylists. We asked some of our top stylists what their favourite Charlie Miller products are. Here's what they had to say! 

Amber Swift - Salon Manager
Amber Swift - Salon Director & Manager at Holy Corner 
Volume Spritz - "My favourite go-to styling product is CM Volume Spritz. I just love the way the product is absorbed into the hair, giving hold and form as well as adding oomph into the hair. The fragrance is awesome with Calendula Oil for hydrating & protecting the scalp and Jasmine Oil to add moisture for optimum shine. It’s fab to apply to dry hair, spritzing on and drying in for a firmer day to night look. I love it." 

Cat Nicholson - Salon Manager
Cat Nicholson - Salon Director & Manager at Ocean Terminal
Volume Shampoo & Conditioner - "They are both lightweight, volumising products that really are gentle on the skin and hair. With notes of Jasmine, Sage and Calendula flower they remind me of a fresh summer’s day! For a sulphate and paraben free shampoo it really has a fantastic lather. I always use the size of the pop cap as a measure of how much shampoo is needed and I would recommend shampooing the hair twice. On short hair one pump of conditioner should be ample but if your hair is longer or thicker hair then two pumps may be needed."

Jason Miller - Salon Director

Jason Miller - Salon Director at Stafford Street 
Soft Clay Wax - "Our Soft Clay wax gives great texture and hold to hair. It’s easy to work into short or medium length hair, wet or dry. Its naturally occurring Kaolin clay is gentle and soothing on skin. I use it every day on my hair and it’s my go-to product."  

Rosslyn Orr - Salon Director

Rosslyn Orr - Salon Director & Manager at South St Andrew Street
Gloss Oil - "This is the most luxurious oil, rich in pomegranate which is known for its antioxidants. Use on damp hair and on dry hair to avoid your hair becoming dry and brittle. This will also detangle the driest of hair leaving your hair beautifully shiny, soft and smooth. An absolute must in everyone’s routine. For the most luxurious treatment over the winter period, my top tip is to apply 4-5 pumps on dry hair before shampooing with Charlie Miller Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner." 

India Miller - Salon Director
India Miller - Salon Director at Frederick Street 
Smoothing Blow dry Crème - "I love CM Smoothing Blow Dry Crème. It gives my hair such great control and leaves it feeling light and bouncy. It combs through my thick hair so easily and it’s so versatile that I can use it for blow drying or apply it my curly/wavy hair as a leave-in finishing cream. There’s no feeling of product residue after I blow dry and the thermal protection goes a long way to making my hair feel it’s very best." 

Natalie Cole - Salon Manager
Natalie Cole - Salon Director & Manager at Frederick Street 
10 In 1 Spray - "Our 10-in-1 Spray has great versatility. I love using it to prep my hair before a blow dry. It’s got fabulous detangling and heat protection qualities and helps defrizz my curly locks. The shine it leaves is incredible." 

Elle Weston - Salon Manager Charlie Milller Haircare
Elle Weston - Salon Director & Manager at Stafford Street 
Hydrate Shampoo & Conditioner - "Our Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner are such a treat to my dry, fuzzy hair. They give it a much-needed boost of moisture without my hair feeling heavy and weighed down. I have such curly hair that needs so much taming and these products leave it feeling soft, flowy and revitalized and my scalp feels fresh and clean. The scent is invigorating." 

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