How to Grow Out a Fringe Quickly: 4 Tips for Perfect Bangs

Avoid the awkward phase and skip to the endless compliments - here’s how to grow out a fringe quickly… well, as fast as possible!

If you’re looking to change up your style, whether you’ve recently binged watched all of Dakota Johnson’s movies and are envious of her fringe, or perhaps you’re just looking for something new, growing out a fringe can seem quite the task.

Pretty much everyone suits a fringe. Although, if you’re looking to grow out a fringe quickly, then we’re sorry to disappoint: a fringe takes anywhere from three to three to four months to grow out.

As it takes time to grow out a fringe, you’ll inevitably encounter that “awkward stage.” But don’t worry - we’ve got you covered.

This blog post will provide you with four tips to help you grow out a fringe stylishly - avoiding the awkward phase and transforming your look in no time whatsoever.

How long does it take for a fringe to grow out?

As previously mentioned, it typically takes anywhere from three to four months to grow out your bangs. 

This does depend on how long your fringe currently is, your hairstyle, and how quickly your hair naturally grows. 

4 tips for perfect bangs when growing out your fringe

There is no shortcut to growing out a fringe quickly. But there are a few tips for growing those envious bangs, including: 

  • Look after your hair & don’t trim your bangs!
  • Don’t be afraid to try out new styles for growing out a fringe
  • Braids & twists are your best friend
  • Be patient 

  • We will now explain each tip in more detail below, helping you grow out a fringe stylishly.

    1. Look after your hair & don’t trim your bangs

    Keeping your hair healthy is key when growing out a fringe. Therefore, you should use products designed to keep your hair hydrated and moisturised, such as the Charlie Miller hydrate shampoo and conditioner.

    Hair that is nourished, hydrated, and healthy will help repair your hair and make the process a whole lot more enjoyable. 

    Besides, you may as well do it correctly! 

    Top tip: avoid cutting your fringe yourself - leave it to your hairdresser if possible.

    2. Don’t be afraid to try out new styles for growing out a fringe 

    To avoid the awkward phase and have fun when growing your bangs, you should try out new styles.

    Adopting new styles for growing out a fringe allows you to see what works for you and allows you to skip the phase between weird length fringe and the “what on earth should I do with my hair stage.”

    Styles you could try include:

    • Pinning your bangs to one side with stylish accessories
    • Braid your hair
    • Try a side-swept style
    • A slicked ponytail (still possible with a fringe - the trick is plenty of gel!)

    3. Braids & twists are your best friend

    When growing out a fringe, braids and twists are your best friend.

    Choosing to braid your hair is a good option if you’re trying to hide your fringe, or if you can’t really be bothered styling your hair that day.

    Braids are a great choice as this hides your fringe - and once you’ve grown out your hair, you can let it loose and show off your chic bangs.

    4. Be patient 

    Finally, while it may seem obvious: be patient!

    It takes time to grow out a fringe - there is no quick solution. But you can have some fun with it - try our new hairstyles such as braids and twists, treat yourself to new nourishing shampoos and products, and ease your way into your new style.

    How to blend bangs in with the rest of your hair?

    Blending your bangs in with the rest of your hair can be a great trick when growing your fringe.

    There are numerous ways to do this, such as blow-drying your hair after wetting your fringe, opting for a braided style, or adding accessories such as creaseless pins.

    If you’re looking to cut your bangs, however (which we would advise against while growing out), then always talk to your hairdresser. Don’t do a DIY job, then regret it, trust us.

    To sum it up…

    There is no quick route to growing out your bangs. But there are many things you can do to make the process more enjoyable and less awkward, such as switching up your style, using hair accessories, and taking good care of your hair.

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